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Why I Love My Tutto

Welcome to! My wife and I have traveled the world over the past 12 years, and we've put together this website to help make your journey great!

We've used our Tutto four wheel folding travel luggage both as carry-on bags and checked baggage on every trip we've taken. Everywhere we went, people asked us where to buy them, so we finally decided to start selling them.

We love our Tutto suitcases and I'm sure you will too! Here are a few reasons why they can help make your journey great!

24 Countries, 12 Years: One Tutto

Built To Last!

My carry-on Tutto has been to 24 countries, 24 states and 10 provinces in 12 years on countless trips by plane, train, car and bus. Most other luggage I’ve owned has only lasted a few trips before it fell apart, but not my Tutto.

In a typical year I’ll do a couple of overseas trips, a number of trips for exhibiting at trade shows and a road trip or two to visit family. When possible, I’ll just bring my carry-on, but when I’m doing a trade show or want to bring Milka chocolate and Birkenstocks back from Germany, I’ll also bring my large checked bag Tuttos.

In other words, Tutto is built to last!

Make Travel Easy

Glides Down the Aisle

How many times have you been whacked by someone’s carry-on bag coming down the aisle on a plane, train or bus? (Or maybe you’ve done the whacking?)

The narrow design and four wheels of Tutto travel luggage means you can easily glide down any aisle. You can still fit as much in as a regular bag, but the ingenious design means you don’t have to worry about hitting seats (or knees) as you make your way to or from your seat.

When we travel, we often do home exchanges or stay in apartments. Invariably, we almost always end up at the top of bottom of a hill!

My Tutto walks easily beside me going down hills, and I have complete control, even with 70 lbs of chocolate inside. I don’t have to worry about it running me over!

Going up the hill is a bit more work, but much easier with four wheels instead of two. The long handle means I can easily adjust the angle going up the hill and not worry about hitting my heels. Since the weight is on all four wheels, pulling isn’t hard on my wrist or shoulders.

Healthy Luggage

Back Friendly

Tutto is recommended by back specialists for a simple reason: it is much healthier than regular luggage. All of the weight is evenly distributed on the four wheels which means you can comfortably pull your Tutto with your arm at a comfortable, back friendly, natural position – like pulling a wagon.

Unlike two wheel luggage, you don’t have to try to balance the weight of your suitcase or constantly adjust the angle of your arm, shoulder or wrist to make it more comfortable.

Unlike other four wheel luggage that is tall, when you pull the Tutto your arm is an ergonomic position ensuring you aren’t placing undue stress on your back, shoulders, arms or wrists. With a typical “spinner” suitcase, you end up pushing the luggage which requires that you stiffen your arm at an awkward angle.

Stable & Maneuverable

4 Wheel Drive

Our four wheel vehicle keeps us on the road in challenging weather and road conditions. Your Tutto luggage can do the same!

The no tip design easily handles curbs, cobblestone, gravel roads, and uneven platforms or gaps at the train station or subway platform. You can even go down stairs without worrying about tipping!

The 360 degree swivel wheels at the front make it easy to maneuver through crowds or airport line-ups.

Supports up to 100 lbs


I try to travel light, but often I have to take a lot of gear for a trade show, bring along inclement weather clothes, or “just in case” stuff for the kids. Fortunately, my Tutto can act as a luggage cart or baggage dolly!

You can stack up to 100 lbs on the sturdy frame! Use a bungee cord (not included) to help you secure whatever you load on top of your Tutto. (We recommend keeping it in the front zipper compartment of your Tutto so you don’t lose it!

If you are flying, bring your carry-on Tutto on the flight, and check in your Tutto Pullmans. When you get to the airport or your destination, stack your carry-on, back-pack, purse, child seat or stroller on top of the Pullman. No need to search for an unwieldy luggage cart or pay a porter.

Road trip? We always bring a plug-in cooler with some food and snacks, and my Tutto makes it much easier to bring it into the hotel room. Have you noticed that luggage carts at hotels barely fit in the elevator, down the hall or into your hotel room? Your Tutto will!

Weight Saving

Light Weight

With airlines constantly reducing their baggage allowance and increasing fees, you don’t want half of your weight allowance taken up by the weight of your suitcase! At the same time, a shopping bag is really light, but not very durable!

Tutto luggage is lightweight and durable, leaving lots of room for your stuff on the way there, or cool stuff you bought on the way home!

Space Saving

Folds Flat For Storage

I own a lot of Tuttos - two of the smallest ones for the kids, two carry-ons for me and my wife, the carry-on suiter for myself when I’m on business trips and one each of the Pullmans for checking in on longer trips or road trips. I told you I had a lot of Tuttos - and I bought most them before we even started selling them!

Fortunately, they all fold flat to around 3”, so they don’t take up much space when not in use.

If we are staying somewhere for a while, such as when we do home exchanges, we like to unpack, fold the Tutto and put it away (under the bed, or the back of the closet, for example.) That way we don’t feel like we are living out of suitcases.

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