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Travel Tips

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All of our tips are based on personal experience from traveling to 24 different countries in the past 12 years.

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  • If you will be biking or hiking on your trip, bring along a small fold up backpack for water and snacks. They take up very little room and have multiple uses. Bought too much stuff to fit in your luggage for your return journey? You can fill up your backpack and strap it to the top of your Tutto with the included bungee cord so you don’t have to carry it around on your back.
  • Bring a cooler bag that folds flat for bringing lunch on a picnic or buying fresh items at the market or grocery store. For road trips, stack your cooler and other heavy items on your Tutto so you won’t have to carry them!
  • If you are a parent travelling with children, place an entire extra outfit (or two for babies) in a Ziploc and bring carryon. That way if your child gets wet, sick or just needs a change of clothes, you have a new set and a Ziploc to put the dirty clothing in. We recommend placing the bag at the very top of your carry-on Tutto for quick access using the top access.