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Who We Are

Helping to Make Your Journey Great

As owners of Kelly’s Music & Computers, my wife and I have been blessed by the many great experiences we’ve had travelling to a lot of interesting places in Canada, the US and around the world.

We try to make the journey part of our adventure by taking the time to enjoy getting there and getting home. Look a little closer, and you will find cool experiences on your way – by train, bus, car or even plane (you may be surprised to discover there are lots of exciting things near airports!) When we travel on business, we always take the time to find something exciting or beautiful about the place we are visiting.

We designed to share what we’ve learned over the years about how to make your journey great!

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Travel Products We Love

Our most useful travel tool has been our Tutto luggage . Our Tutto suitcases have been to 24 countries, 24 states and 10 provinces in 12 years on countless trips by plane, train, car and bus. You can read more about our experiences and why I Love My Tutto here .

Everywhere we go, people always ask us where they can buy suitcases like ours. Since we’ve personally experienced the benefits of Tutto travel luggage, we decided to start selling them here on

We have personally selected, tested and endorse everything we sell as a tool to make your journey great. Check out our Video Reviews for our personal experiences.

Shopping Made Easy: Travel Products YOU Will Love Too

We think you’ll love what we have to offer. If you don’t, that’s okay. (After all, we really didn’t care for Paris, even though everyone else seems to think it is fabulous. We would prefer a day in the Bavarian Alps…)

That’s why we make returns easy. If you don’t love it, return it within 60 days for a refund.

Found a lower price? No worries, just let us know and we will refund you the difference for up to 60 days after your purchase.

Canadians Helping Canadians

We are a Canadian company, which means your order ships from our Canadian warehouse and your credit card will be billed in Canadian dollars.

I know from personal experience how much time and money ordering from an authorized Canadian dealer can save you!

For example, if you travel outside of Canada, you probably already know that your credit card company will tack on an extra 2.5% to your total on US purchases.

You know how the friendly CBSA officers always ask you how much you have bought when you return home? When you order on-line from the US, those same officers will add duty (around 11% on luggage), and taxes, and ask the courier to collect it. Then, UPS, Fedex or DHL add on their own brokerage charge (often more than $60) and ask for the entire amount when they deliver their package.

In other words, when you order from us, the price you see at check-out is the price you pay. When you order from the US, you will also have to pay (often a lot) to the carrier when they deliver your order.

To make it worse, if you need warranty service, it might be cheaper to fly to the states with your product than have to pay to ship it there and back. (Well, you would need a pretty good seat sale, but Canada Post isn’t cheap!) We offer a Canadian Warranty with all of our products.

Part of the reason we started was that it was really, really expensive to get Tutto luggage shipped to Canada. Not only was the shipping really expensive, but all the other fees added up too! It was worth it, but we wanted to offer our fellow Canadians the ability to buy some of our favourite travel products at a reasonable price.

Thanks for stopping by to find out who we are,

Kelly Demoline